A portrait – Bernadette

What is the main feature of your personality?
My half smile.

Your biggest fault?
Apprehension, lack of confidence.

Your weakness?
Short shorts wearing men on bikes.

Your strenght?
Dark chocolate

Your favourite occupation?
Being a student and an instructor

Your favourite bike?
My Joust of course, and my T1 and my old BMX Red Line racing bike.

Your bike setup?
56” coupled joust, red with duel breaks, straight bars, a short stem, and a 21t white industries free wheel and the Milwaukee polo guard.

What do you cherish most?
Probably this silly game we all have in common.

Your dream of happiness?
The mergence of my real and polo life.

Your main fear?

Your ideal partner of games?
Maija, Matt Lane, Alexis, Brian Dillman… I can go on and on but these are in my top five for sure.

Your ideal opponent?
A team quite similar to the one I’m on.

Your polo dream?
World champ or perhaps somewhere in the top ten.

Your first memory of childhood?
Hanging in my grandpa’s pizza shop, playing with flour.

Which one of your toys did you love the most?
Probably my sled.

The worst tragedy?
Losing family.

What would you like to be?
An artist.

Where would you like to live?
Berlin, Palermo, San Francisco, Stockholm, Vancouver, Albuquerque…

Which quality do you prefer in a man?

And in a woman?
The same.

Your favourite animal?
I don’t know. Sloths are pretty fucking cool.. I think deep down I desperately want a lil pup, or maybe just a lover with a pup.

What is the object you feel the most attached to?
My mountain equipment co-op daypack. It rarely comes off.

Your idol?
Michael Stipe, Michael Jordan

Which films do you love?
Most things Almovodar, Ingmar Bergman, Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Three Colors Trilogy, most things Colin Firth, the Bridget Jones Diaries and of course the Harry Potters and the X Files.

Which song best represents you?
“Bernadette” by the Four Tops, duh

Your favourite drink?
Red wine, Belgian beer.

And your favourite food?
Pizza, mussels, avocados

How would you like to die?
Very fast.

How would you like to be remembered?
By the Bernadette Watts Foundation that believes all kids deserve access to a bike, a mallet and knee pads.

What you like to leave to posterity?

What kind of society would you like to see one day?
One with heath care for all.

8 thoughts on “A portrait – Bernadette

  1. Jag delar din uppfattning Paul. Jag tror att många fler kan bli hjälpta om man tittar på sjukvård ur patientens perspektiv. Naprapater har ju den mest omfattande utbildningen när det gäller denna typ av problem. Låt landstingen bli bra på att anskaffa vård, relrnihteaibg od men låt dem inte ha monopol på drift.

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  5. Totally agree, Dan and it goes for the career field too. You need to build networks and work them with that personal touch. Sending out a 100 resumes or posting them on 100 job boards will not, in most cases, generate a job.

  6. AFJ. I do that, don’t I? But I have been punished for it – this morning at 6.30, Siouxsie decided to clamber about on the bed to try and get me up so I could give her breakfast – and she was climbing on my head and she scratched my cheek so it bled. Now I look like I’ve been in a bar fight or something. I’m going to tell people that an editor wanted me to change something I didn’t want to change – so we had a fight and I won!

  7. All of a sudden thought of Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’. Recalled the look of the receptionist at the Hospital for a medical checkup for my new job appointment where I did not fill in the column ‘Religion’ and she was in a state of ‘shock’ kept asking “why you dont a religion, how come?” Agree, values are the utmost importance.

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