A Portrait – Alex

What is the main feature of your personality?


Your biggest fault?

Your weakness?

Your strenght?

Your favourite occupation?

Your favourite bike?
my peleton keirin bike, handbuilt by shitamari.

Your bike setup (polo)?
frame: affinity cyclone
handlebar: general issue
stem: salt
hubs: blb48h
Rims: velocity chukker 48h
Cranckset: sugino 165mm with milwakee spocket
ratio: 35-22 fixed / brakeless
tyre: 700x35c schwalbe
Saddle: turbo

What do you cherish most?
my friends & family

Your dream of happiness?
livin’ a full life, whatever that means…

Your main fear?
losing the good ones.

Your ideal partner of games?
max & olli & hannes & steffen

Your ideal opponent?
a smiling team with a good mixture of ambitiousness, fun and sportsmanship

Your polo dream?
…travelling around the world and playing polo with new & old friends.

Your first memory of childhood?
my skateboard.

Which one of your toys did you love the most?
my camera & my record collection.

The worst tragedy?
i had like up to twenty 180 attempts in dart, but i never threw one…
so yeah, this is my big goal for 2011.

What would you like to be?
the german phil taylor

Where would you like to live?
zurich x paris x copenhagen

Which quality do you prefer in a man?
honesty & beer

And in a woman?
honesty & dirty stuff

Your favourite animal?

What is the object you feel the most attached to?
american spirit cigarettes

Your idol?
christoph schlingensief

Which films do you love?

…everything from pasolini to gaspar noe to lynch.

Which song best represents you?
mark kozelek – bubble

Your favourite drink?
red vine

And your favourite food?
handmade pasta

How would you like to die?

How would you like to be remembered?

as one of the good ones…

What you like to leave to posterity?

What kind of society would you like to see one day?
i better keep my hippie thoughts to myself…

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