A Portrait – Anja

What is the main feature of your personality?

Your biggest fault?
Sometimes too ambitious

Your weakness?
My backhand

Your strength?
Free of pain

Your favourite occupation?
Sometimes lawyer, always professional polo player

Your favourite bike?
Definitely my polo bike, and my cross bike, and my fixie, and … all of them… In my dreams I ride a Specialized Safire along the Isar single trails

Your bike setup?
49 cm BLB Track frame, 34-22 gear ratio, free wheel, 28”, double break, crank set Sugino 165 RD-2

What do you cherish most?
Efficient brakes and lightweight mallets

Your dream of happiness?
Work three days a week, money as I work seven and lots of time for polo, friends and travelling

Your main fear?
Driving a car

Your ideal partner of games?
The girls

Your ideal opponent?
The one who is dying to win

Your polo dream?
Playing in Yorgo Arena one time

Your first memory of childhood?
It was in a lido when my older brother shot at me a beach ball several times and screamed: “Shout it back, shout it back!” I was so afraid of this beach ball that was as high as a tower

Which one of your toys did you love the most?

The worst tragedy?
When my team lost against daddy playing with his 9-year-old son

What would you like to be?

Where would you like to live?
Nearer to our riverside court

Which quality do you prefer in a man?
Honesty, trust, sense of humor

And in a woman?
Honesty, trust, sense of humor

Your favourite animal?
Baby elephant

What is the object you feel the most attached to?

The polo ball that is guarded by my mallet

Your idol?
Don’t have one

Which films do you love?
German Tatort

Which song best represents you?
I’ll let you know

Your favourite drink?
Spezi, beer with pop

And your favourite food?
Pizza and pasta, thai

How would you like to die?
Never thought about

How would you like to be remembered?

As I am

What you like to leave to posterity?

More polo playing girls

What kind of society would you like to see one day?
One that prohibits cars in the city

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