A portrait – Kevin G.

What is the main feature of your personality?
Grade “A” badass

Your biggest fault?
I have been known to trifle. Such as, being a big baby when i have a bad night at polo

Your weakness?
Asian women

Your strenght?
Caring about others. Not caring about money.

Your favourite occupation?
Shitty kitchen job at bryce canyon national park. Can’t beat the view

Your favourite bike?
My surly karate monkey

Your bike setup?
Cannondale 26″

What do you cherish most?
Dauphin Island, AL

Your dream of happiness?
Owning a goat. World travel.

Your main fear?
Materialistic people

Your ideal partner of games?
Someone to compensate for all my mistakes. Tina Medley

Your ideal opponent?
I like people who play rough

Your polo dream?
Polo girlfriend

Your first memory of childhood?
Being afraid of this old mans hearing aid

Which one of your toys did you love the most?
Ninja turtles

The worst tragedy?
My Mom getting sick

What would you like to be?
Featured on mister mort

Where would you like to live?
Maybe in a house that i built with my own hands

Which quality do you prefer in a man?
Firm handshake, eye contact, and a loud laugh

And in a woman?
A 5′-4″, half Korean woman with a huge heart and looks to die for.

Your favourite animal?
Amber, a whitetail deer

What is the object you feel the most attached to?
My tools

Your idol?
Woody Guthrie

Which films do you love?
Who is bozo texino?

Which song best represents you?
‘Big Sur’ by Mason Jennings

Your favourite drink?
cheap beer

And your favourite food?
vegetables on bread

How would you like to die?
Being eaten by something bigger than me, you know, circle of life and shit

How would you like to be remembered?

What you like to leave to posterity?
Nutrients in the ground

What kind of society would you like to see one day?
One dreamt up by a crust band. i.e. equality, animal liberation, equal treatment of women, the end to all greed. but perhaps one featuring brighter color clothing.

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