The Milano Bike Polo Family 20011 (ph. courtesy of Sha Ribeiro)

The Milano Bike Polo Family 20011 (ph. courtesy of Sha Ribeiro)
Clockwise from top-left: Riki, Charlie, Danka, Emi, Mizio, Camillo, Truffa, Bozo, Frank, Ortu, Matteo, Teo, Luca. (Nora, Fede, David, Fabio, Diodo, Ben, Rombolo, Matteo UBM, Fritz, Rocco, Cimetta, Robi and many others…)

4 thoughts on “Players

  1. ciao,ragazzi… stavamo pensando di organizzare,a fine marzo, un piccolo torneo di Bike Polo con la squadra di Porto e Lisboa,e ci faceva piacere invitarvi se avete la possibilit√° di venire in Portogallo e giocare con noi!! :))) attendo la vostra risposta

  2. I just saw your movie at the NYC Bike Film Festival. Very cool. Love you guys!

  3. Thanks a lot Jessica!! We love it too. Big ups to Marco Cremascoli, to the guys from FirstFloorUnder and to SUN68 for making it happen!!!! Cheers!!

  4. Hello Bikepolo Milano,
    I am in Milano for Salone de mobile from the 15 to 21 of April and i want to play polo with you guys
    what are the days for polo during the week or on the weekend ?
    and where are you playing?
    is there someone of you i can call to catch up with?


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